We are proud to be an affiliate club of JCNA, Jaguar Clubs of North America. Our club shares the values, beliefs and core goals of JCNA while providing a local flavor and avenue to express our interest and passion in Jaguar automobiles. From the classics, daily drivers to new model and future concepts our members span the spectrum of Jaguar ownership.

Our club is open to Jaguar owners and enthusiasts of Southwest Florida covering Marco Island, Naples, Bonita Springs, Ft. Myers, Port Charlotte, Cape Coral and surrounding communities for full time and seasonal residents. Our Board of Directors, Officers and committee coordinators are all volunteers. We all have jobs, families, and other responsibilities that take up our free time; there are no full-time employees at Jaguar Club of SWF. So, please bear with us if things take a little time or if an issue falls between the cracks. We’re trying hard to make this the best Jaguar club on this side of the pond!

For more information on the Jaguar Club of Southwest Florida, please consult our club constitution and by-laws or feel free to contact us.


The purpose of the Club is to provide members an avenue for mutual enjoyment, entertainment and enlightenment while encouraging a spirit of unity, camaraderie and fellowship in Jaguar automobile ownership. The Club shall also further the appreciation of the automotive design, engineering and technological advances of Jaguar automobiles, as well as, to support the Jaguar marquee. Information sharing, discussions, events and collaboration among the members of the Club will further the appreciation of the Jaguar brand, its history, evolution and future direction as a leader in the automobile industry. The Club will allow members to interact with other members in the admiration, display, and knowledge sharing of past, present and future Jaguar automobiles while enhancing the Jaguar ownership experience.