• Appeal to a broad spectrum of current and future Jaguar owners
  • Assure alignment with the JRL corporate emphasis, marketing direction and product strategy and development
  • Appeal to not only current, but future and potential Jag owners and their different preferences in joining a Jaguar club
  • Consider the cultural, environmental, socio-economics that drive preferences and behaviors in building a direction and club culture
  • These drivers help determine how our club is presented, how we communicate and how we try to set club events and activities
  • Considering the diversity of our goals assure our actions compliment a personalble approach which re-enforces “Our Members Make the Club


  • The purpose of the Club is to provide members an avenue for mutual enjoyment, entertainment and enlightenment while encouraging a spirit of unity, camaraderie and fellowship in Jaguar automobile ownership.
  • The Club shall also further the appreciation of the automotive design, engineering and technological advances of Jaguar automobiles, as well as, to support the Jaguar marquee.
  • Present a diversity of activities that appeal to a range of age groups, interests and provide a central hub for coordinating events representing Southwest Florida from Marco Island to venice.
  • Present an avenue for Information sharing, discussions, events and collaboration among the members of the Club will further the appreciation of the Jaguar brand, its history, evolution and future direction as a leader in the automobile industry.
  • The club will allow members to interact with other members in the admiration, display, and knowledge sharing of past, present and future Jaguar automobiles enhancing the Jaguar ownership experience.
  • Provide an engaging web environment supporting the key objectives of the club while providing a central hub for member involvement, interaction and information and social exchange.