Whether you’re looking to learn more about the history of Jaguar or need to figure out how the engine works, these books have all the know-how and information you need to be a Jag aficionado! And be sure to check back often as our book lineup will continue to expand.


This new book on Jaguars covers more than 75 years of Swallow, SS and Jaguar cars. This book is for enthusiasts who want to be able to pride themselves on having the knowledge to identify every model of Jaguar from the 1921 Swallow Sidecars, the 1927 Swallow Coupé, right up to the 2002 X-Type. Many of the prewar and the 107 model variations of the 41 post-war production Jaguar cars are depicted in spectacular color photographs. Next to each photograph is a paragraph highlighting the distinguishing coachwork features visible in that photo. Also included are photos and drawings of Jaguar tool kits and exterior/interior color charts (not color chips) for most models. This hardbound 12¼ x 10¼, book has 360pages, over 500 spectacular color photographs and over a hundred black and white images.



This 240 page, 8 3/4 x 11 5/8 inch, softbound book contains a full listing of all C-type, D-type and Lightweight E-type Jaguars by chassis number.  It is the result of years of research by compilers Terry Larson, Penny Woodley, Den Carlow and Paul Skilleter. Edited by Anders Clausager, the individual history of each car is recorded in considerable detail including chassis, engine, gearbox and body numbers, original colour, dispatch date, owners, racing career and ‘where is it now’.

Individual copies can be purchased from for $80 including shipping. However, a special Club Price is being offered at $65 each, including shipping, when purchasing 10 copies and shipping them to one address. Contact Steve Kennedy,, 303-489-3955.